Letters inspired by films. 因電影啟發的信件。

Feb. 8, 2011 Mother and Son

Dear Life,

     I write to you to explain myself. You have always feared me, hated me, cursed me. When I take away beloved ones, you fling your arms skyward and question the reason of my existence.

But you fail to realize that I admire you and adore your work. The souls you create, and the creations of your creations, are things so beautiful even I at times ponder why I do what I do. And therefore I write you, not only with the hope that you would come to understand the meaning behind my deeds, but that I could find reason amid the guilt and grief I feel after every abduction.

The ailing mother and her son. You have given them peaceful, normal lives, and the love in them is strong. He gives up adventure and romance to care for her; she strokes his hair, even though the energy it takes to do this may be all that is left in her. Perhaps if I had not come into their lives, they would never have had such intimacy. Perhaps the son would leave home to find a life of his own, and the mother would die alone. But the son is there, and even though it breaks his heart to see his mother so weak, so thin, he stays strong, because he is her only support, both physically and emotionally, and so he does not allow himself to collapse until after I take her away. Their relationship is most beautiful, it is dreamlike; it is like poetry. The rhythm is slow, the words tender. It is a sad song, yet peaceful.

Did you notice? They talked about you. They talked about their lives, what they did in the past, what is the meaning of life. I think this is the very reason why I am who I am: I am to glorify you. Because of me, there is value in your work. Living beings cherish you because there is the possibility that they could lose you. They see the deepest beauty in you when my presence is strong.

Perhaps we could never be friends, but do we need to remain foes?




201128日 《母親與兒子》









-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo

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