2012.10.27 Drunk




不用太多 酒量太弱 一點就夠

Uh-oh 都倒出來囉

沒關係 聞的也可以

這氣味 臭得可以 卻又像香水

Huh 我是不是醉了

頭好痛 燻得太重

好想吐 味道太濃 無處可躲

Eh 怎麼好像你

散不去 意識不清

那酒瓶 真是美麗 真是像你






When I’m in love你不理不采

When you’re in love你就甩不開


語無論次 la la la la

It’s midnight, time for a drink

Not too much, I can’t really handle my liquor, a little bit is enough

Uh-oh, I just spilt it all

It’s alright, smelling it is just as good

It smells horrible, but is a bit like perfume

Huh, am I drunk already?

I’ve got a headache, perhaps the room’s too stuffy

Getting nauseous, the smell’s too strong, but there’s nowhere to hide

Eh, that’s kinda like you

The smell won’t go away, I think I might pass out

That wine bottle is quite beautiful, and has quite a resemblance to you

Yep, I’m drunk

When I dream a sweet dream you pinch me awake

When I have a nightmare you watch with amusement

Secretly, I tell myself that’s you’re an enemy

But in the end, you could always get me drunk

When I’m in love, you act like I don’t exist

When you’re in love, you’re inescapable

I want to leave, but I don’t want to be separated

I’m not making sense anymore, la la la la


-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo



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