2012.10.25 Black Cat


Black Cat


飄 飄浮的腳步 無聲無息停靠

跳 半空中一秒 突然在身邊繞

 逃跑 根本沒必要 不知不覺湊靠

閃耀 眼神像火藥 不會移開目標

 黑黑 看不到

嘶嘶 抓到



 黑夜行動 無影無蹤 空虛要填充

鎖定對手 不要動 我發誓不會痛

咬住你的脈搏 只要一秒鐘 你屬於我


Drifting, light footsteps silently settle

Jumping, one moment in midair, the next moment too near

 Escape is unnecessary, I'm here before you know it

Flashing, my eyes are like gunfire, never losing aim

 Black, dark, invisible

A hiss, and you're caught

 My appetite is good

No one can escape

 I act at night, without a shadow

My need to fill the emptiness

Target set, don't move, I promise you no pain

A bite on the pulse, a mere second, and you're mine


-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo


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