2012.10.20 One of a Kind


One of a Kind


心中的霧 眼中的雨 腦袋的暈眩

他的督促 他的叮嚀 環繞著空間



我從規矩標準逃脫出來 跳進我的世界

不再讓拘束的繩索捆綁 解開所有的結

點燃心中每個夢想 燃燒每個畫面

李白的浪漫 蘇軾的豪放 和我獨一無二的狂


A mist clogs up my chest

A shower blinds my eyes

I am light-headed and sick

His pestering and her nagging circles the space around me

Buried under the weight of loneliness, I have tolerated too much

Why should I compromise with reality and give up my fantasies?

I break away from rules and standards

Hopping into my own world

I won’t let restraints tie me down again

I undo all the knots

I’ll ignite the fuse of my dreams

Light up all imagination

Li Bai was romantic

Su Shi was bold

And I, I am one of a kind


-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo

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