2010.10.18 Peace




寧靜的星 凝聚了光明 輕灑的安寧 染上了您

寧靜的琴 凝結了聲音 輕奏的安寧 蓋上了您

寧靜的呼吸 寧靜的思緒 寧靜了愁雨 寧靜我和您

您 寧靜的眼睛 寧靜的心 凝固了我憂雲

您 為您寧願隱藏傷心 

為了您 我變得寧靜


The silent stars focus their light

Spraying a mist of peace onto you

My quiet guitar collects all sounds

Playing a serene tune, blanketing you

The peaceful breathing, the peaceful thoughts

Calm the sad showers, calm you and me

Your serene eyes and silent heart make my storms quiet down

You, for you I hide my pain

For you, I become peace


羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo


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