2012.10.17 Thread




為了愛被捕 坐牢

為了愛鬱卒 上吊

潛入影子中 愛溶掉

心跳停止我 才能笑

解掉 圍繞著我的線條

甩掉 燃燒著我的線條

明明想脫逃要脫逃 卻又不能不可手放掉心放掉 讓愛走掉你走掉

生命的線條 斷掉


For the sake of love, I am captivated

For the sake of love, I hang myself

Diving into the shadows, I let my love dissolve

Only until my heart stops can I smile

Untie the knotted thread that envelops me

Shake off the burning thread that scorches me

I want to leave but lack the ability to let go of my hands, my heart, my love, my you

The thread of life



-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo



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