2012.10.09 Silver Rose   


Silver Rose


你是朵銀色的玫瑰 看一眼就醉

捧你在心裡 血如淚




流入火中 成 碎

 深深沉溺 無力甦醒 已無路可退

單戀一朵玫瑰 心 成 灰

今酒今宵醉 傷了才後悔

燒盡了回憶一 吹 就 飛


 You are a silver rose

One look and I'm intoxicated

Embracing you in my heart

My blood flows like tears

 Numerous memories pace my sightline

My teardrops reflect your cold beauty

A breeze carries your vague fragrance

Everything shatters in the flames

I've submerged too deep

I've no energy left to awake

There's no way back

This one-sided love for a rose turns my heart into ashes

 Living in the moment only to regret the pain

The charred memories disintegrate with one mere breath


羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo



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