2012.10.08 Vampire  




白日夢裡朦朧黑夜 我們菱形空間

蒼白的臉血紅的嘴 醉人眼中的美

守在你身旁喝掉你恐慌 讓黑暗吞噬楊光

知道你存在心跳停下來 恐怖傳說中的愛

 吹熄晴天 渲染著夜


躲避著熱戀 逃避著甜蜜言 


 鮮紅雙劍 刺入心田


不用說再見 我能把夕陽毀滅


The misty nights in my daydreams are our diamond-shaped territory

Your pale face and blood-red lips are beauty to my intoxicated eyes

 As your guardian, I drink away your fears

Letting the darkness engulf the sunlight

Knowing your existence, I allow my heart to stop

Oh, the romance of a horrifying legend

 I wipe out sunny days

I make the night bleed through

All so that you can stay awake a little longer

Avoiding passion, fleeing sweetness

No promises are needed

A pair of bloody swords pierce my chest

All so that I can enjoy the emptiness as you suck me dry

No need to say goodbye

I will destroy the rising sun 


羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo



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