Letters inspired by films. 因電影啟發的信件。

 Feb. 1, 2011 Wings of Desire

 Dear Observer,

      How are you doing? I wish I could see you and show you this magical world as it is, but right now I guess I can only use words to describe it. I’ll do my best.

     The first thing you notice when you arrive is the colour. Ha. I’m struggling for words already. I believe it is colour that makes this world so emotional. My favourite colour is red. Red has a warm feeling. It is also an angry colour. It is the colour of blood, the liquid inside your body that your soul lives on. Perhaps this is the reason why red is such a dominant colour in people’s worlds.

      Another thing that dominates this world is food. You could never imagine the abundance of sensations, both physical and emotional, that are evoked when you eat. At first you can smell the food. Smelling is like hearing a foreign language that you cannot understand but find familiar; you can guess what the speakers are trying to express, even though you don’t understand a word they’re saying. And you do all of this through your nose! When you take a bite of the food, it’s a whole different language. You can feel the food in your mouth, you can still smell the food, but you can also taste it. Taste, I’m completely at a loss of words for this one. It is similar to smell, but it’s stronger, more real, and way more satisfying!

       As you wander around this world longer, you start noticing how quiet it is compared to ours. You cannot tune in to inner thoughts anymore, and you cannot see other Observers accompanying people. Sometimes, I feel this world is a much lonelier world, with people guarding their privacies from one another, and oftentimes shunning others.

         Perhaps it is because they can feel one another’s presences, they can have influence on others, that they tend not to interact as often, and they close themselves off. While Observers, because you cannot be detected, you want to come up really close so you can maybe feel a bit of what the subject whom you are observing is feeling.

  As for me. I want to be a combination of the two worlds. I want to be able to open up to people, and make others open up to me. I have learned the ways of the Observer, and now, I want to learn the ways of this world, and share my experiences with you. I want to become like a mediator so we can all have the best of both worlds.

 Your friend,



201121日 《慾望的翅膀》










-羅寗 Michelle Ning Lo

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